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The creative process of art and craft, to my mind, is an intense, complex and time-consuming practice. I am constantly in a state of creative flux, insofar as I never stop thinking about what I am trying to achieve, and realise that the talent with which I have been gifted must be expressed. I am obsessed with creating and if I don’t my karma suffers.

Whether I am creating a wall hanging or a piece of “Art to Wear” my desire is to create the best.  Creating the best takes time and effort. I am constantly questioning myself, "Is this good enough?" and raising the stakes to find just that little bit more inside me to make a greater  piece than my last one. Whatever project I am working on, I bring knowledge, enthusiasm, and energy. Some of my time is spent drawing, some researching, and some exploring with materials. I am always honing my skills, constantly developing new methods and finding better ways to do things.

My craft, my art is not static it is dynamic.

As for my personal style, I have developed a unique combination of embroidery and weaving and have coined the phrase ”Slash and Show” to describe this technique. I work with many different types of materials such as silks, wools, cottons, leather and linen, and mix and match them in many different and unusual combinations. I enjoy breaking rules and creating the unexpected!

I am also a colourist, (indeed, a “Scottish Colourist”) at heart and prefer to control my colour palette by hand-dying my yarns and fabrics. Colour works alongside the layering, cutting, and fraying of fibres as I explore the endless possibilities in their relationships. I believe that knowing when a piece is complete is one of the great secrets of success; it is the moment of realisation that the work truly sings. The act of knowing when to stop is as important an act of creation as all those that have gone before.  Stopping is, in itself, a positive act of creation. I call this last action the ”wizard stroke” that finally completes the piece.

My art is both my profession and my lifelong passion.

Contact me
If you are interested in any of my work or would like to discuss a commission please get in touch via phone 0141 334 8322, email or fill out my online Enquiry Form.