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Colour Dyeing

My textile design is about colour and texture. These are the most important elements in my work.

Colouring fabric has always been there. In my first year, before I learnt about dying techniques, I would paint my fabric with watercolour to achieve the desired hue. In my second year at Glasgow School of Art I was taught how to dye fabric and yarn. Cotton and wools had to be coloured using different dyes, which can either be direct or indirect and fixed into the fabric with different agents. This process excited me.

Creating a colour palette which is unique to me is similar to a painter mixing their paint on a palette except I mix my colour ingredients in a pot. I use a number of techniques including: over-dying to build up the colour; different ways of resist dying, binding the fabric; knotting and waxing.

My inspiration for colour comes from my drawings and paintings of the outside world. I find the natural world as inspirational as an urban landscape. Different times of the year and day can change the colour in a landscape dramatically and so I am thrilled when I find a new colour combination that I like. This motivates me to achieve just the right colour through the dying process.

Whether I am designing: a wall hanging, a fabric, a piece of ‘art to wear’, a cushion or a throw, it is the colour in the work which holds my concentration and my patience in check in order to reach a satisfying conclusion to the work. I know when it is complete because it sings!

Contact me
If you are interested in any of my work or would like to discuss a commission please get in touch via phone 0141 334 8322, email or fill out my online Enquiry Form.

Colour Dyeing
Colour Dyeing