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The best way to introduce Jilli's work would be to stand with an arrow pointing to the work itself. The greatest word I can think of is: Celebration.

It is easy to be enchanted by Jilli's process. Watching her working, I get the sense that she is devising a way to turn this shirt into a bird and that she will and when she does it will fly away. A celebration of possibility.

Celebration of chance. Mastery of her craft is never an end in itself, but a given, raw material to be broken open so that accident can spill out and bring the work to life. Work that embraces accident speaks in an idiom the human imagination recognizes. The more the artist risks, the more the art sings.

Jilli's art sparks from the enigmatic clash of function and insight. If craft empasisizes design, construction, usefulness, unity and detail, then art is an organic evolution of ideas, not guided by a determined goal but by something intuituve, an invisible desire. For Jilli this desire is an electric curiosity, common only in children.

A celebration of the senses that does not extract sight from touch, or touch from sound. Each piece seems to hiss or whir or hum. Giddy dispersions, scattering seed for spontaneous new unfoldings. Asymmetry in constant motion, a celebration of change.

This work will be at home wherever life is being fully lived.

Noah Saterstrom 2003.

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